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History of Group

BC Elettronica, a company specialized in the production of wirings, electronic components and assembly, was founded in 1981.

In 1994 Bicma was founded thanks to the skills acquired in the field of safety sign, and afterwards, in the year 2000 CIA was established, business branch dedicated to the distribution of reflective films.

Finally, Biffi and Premoli was acquired in 2008, an important brand which has been present since 1949 in the Italian and international market of accessories for traction and motorcycles and leading Company in the production of plugs for engine cooling circuits, for oil and fuel circuits and a wide range of double-blade and lamellar fuses, able to supply some of the most qualified worldwide manufacturers.

Gruppo Mazzini was born from the necessity to consolidate and develop the position acquired in the field of the safety signs for industrial vehicles. The choice turned out to be perfect and offers to the group the possibility of growing in one of the most important realities in Europe, by producing remarkable resources which are engaged to obtain a wider and more qualified territorial coverage.