Our Products

The pursuit of excellence in the manufacturing of products has always been part of Gruppo Mazzini’s culture. Standing out in the choice of the best raw materials, in the production, service and reliability is the main mission of the Company. Bicma srl’s staff is in fact highly specialized and owns the equipment necessary to satisfy every specific request of the customers.

Truck and trailer panels according to the ECE/ONU 70 amendment 01.
Rear reflecting panels for protruding loads for Italy, Spain and Benelux
ADR panels for transport of dangerous goods (A.D.R.)
Speed limit discs
Quality tachodiscs and thermal rolls for digital tachographs
Signalling panels for exceptional transports Italy, Benelux, France, Scandinavian type.
Extinguisher holders in plastic and in metal
Panel holders
Wheel chocks approved according DIN 76051/E53 and DIN76051/E46 and holders.

Retro-reflective tape for linear edging and for the shape of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (with mass exceeding 3,5 t.), approved in accordance with the regulation ECE/ONU 104 ECE48.

Fixed or folding signs for parked vehicles

Panels and stickers for agricultural vehicles according to the Italian decree D.M. 391 dated 19/06/1992, according to the German regulation DIN 11030, according to the French regulation TPESC and according to the European regulation ECE 70 Class 5 and ECE 104 Class F with reference to EC 86 Mother Regulation 2015/208

Self-adhesive, aluminium and magnetic warning labels in conformity with A.D.R.
Self-adhesive container markings
Liftflags for hydraulic tailgates

Plate holders with stainless-steel hinge and fixing kit, two-faced provisional aluminium repeating plate for trailers and numbers and letters for repeating plates.

Composition of A.D.R. bags and accessories.

Signs for vehicles, panels and stickers for agricultural, perishable and waste material, “TIR” panels, panels for transport of waste material, panels and stickers to signalize Scuolabus.